Canon Richard Moatt, Rector Of Lewes

August’s message from the Rector

Dear Friends,

We will be holding our Summer Fete (Fayre) on Saturday 25th. August.  A time when we gather together to have fellowship but also to raise money to maintain our beautiful ancient building.

The word fete is borrowed from the French and means holiday. Historically, towns were granted charters to hold fairs, maybe once or twice a year and lasting several days or weeks. These fairs acted as markets for selling goods and services. They were also fairs for the selling and hiring of services and wherever there are crowds, others saw an opportunity to make money, side-stalls offering trinkets, puppet shows, sword swallowers, pie and sweet stalls, games of skill and luck. You name it, the fair provided it. Attending the fair was like going on holiday.  Our fair follows this tradition as it takes place on the Saturday of the Bank Holiday week-end.  Thank you to all who work so hard to make it a success and even though I can’t guarantee any sword swallowers I am sure it will be a time of great fun.

All good wishes,