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We have received an update from Ian Meldrum at the Caring and Sharing project we support through the Yellow Box collection on Sundays. We continue to pray for and collect in aid of the vital work at Our Father’s House in Brazil:

Vitor – Date of Birth 30/01/2003

Vitor joined us at MFH in December 2016.   A difficult teenager, very aggressive and found it very difficult initially to follow the norms and rules of MFH. His history shows that he had spent most of his life moving from one home to another, each time leaving due to aggression and lack of respect to those responsible.

When he joined us in December 2016 our team began the difficult task of building a relationship with him and introducing him to the Gospel of Peace. Showing to him in practical ways the genuine love of Christ and introducing him to the transforming Word of God. Slowly he began to understand and change his behavioral patterns, becoming less aggressive towards the team and the other boys. Slowly he also began to understand the importance of living in family, something which is not easy for anyone in these modern times! As he changed he also had the opportunity to be introduced to Leandro and his partner Junior. Today, in Brazil it is increasingly common to find   male partners looking to adopt older children, {this is something that cannot be legally denied}And on the 17th of January, after being legally adopted Vitor moved to live with his new family

The photo above shows Vitor on his 15th birthday together with his two {also adopted younger twin brothers] and Leandro and Junior, his new parents. MFH will accompany his progress during 2018. {His new parents have given permission to use this Photo]

Ian and Siméa –