Repairs to the clock in 1886 by William Tanner, watchmaker of the Cliffe, ‘caused the expenditure of a considerable sum’ the East Sussex News told its readers. This clock had been made in 1670 by Ditchling blacksmith, James Looker. He had agreed to supply all materials, except the dial, and to keep it in repair for three years for the sum of £5 10s. A new dial, with a minute hand, was supplied by William Hooker in 1817 and it was placed higher up on the south side of the tower.

When the ring of four bells was re-installed, after extensive and expensive repairs in the late 1990s, one was connected to the clock so that it would once again chime the hours.

The entire mechanism was overhauled in 2016 and the clock-face repainted and gilded by Thwaites & Reed Engineering Ltd of Brighton.

Clock workings at St Thomas a Becket Church, Cliffe, Lewes. The second-oldest working clock in East Sussex