Rector’s Christmas Message

Dear Friends,

Last year in his Christmas Message the Archbishop of Canterbury wrote:

“….we like the Angels proclaim good news and, like the Shepherds, we receive good news. The good news is good news for all people, whatever their situation in life. It is good news for politicians and leaders but is also good news for the refugees and displaced persons who continue to flee from danger and seek safety and sanctuary. As St Gregory Nazianzen writes:

He who gives riches becomes poor, for he assumes the poverty of my flesh, that I may assume the richness of his Godhead. He that is full empties himself, for he expties himself of his glory for a short while, that I may have a share in his fullness.

His message although written in 2017 is, in many ways, a timeless message. Each year we receive the good news with joy. The good news of the birth of the Son of God.

I hope you have a very peaceful Christmas knowing that whatever your situation the Christ child who became the risen Christ is with you.

All good wishes, Canon Richard