St Peter

Rector’s June Message

Dear Friends,
At the end of this month (often on the Sunday as near as possible to St. Peter’s Day) men and women will be ordained Priests and Deacons in Chichester Cathedral and at other churches within the Diocese.  This is part of Christian tradition that has passed through countless generations. Ordination is one of the seven sacraments and is some times referred to as “The Laying on of Hands”.  It is part of what is known as Apostolic Succession which is the belief that all ordained clergy are ordained by bishops who were ordained by other bishops tracing back to bishops ordained by the Apostles who were ordained by Christ the great High Priest  who conferred his priesthood upon his Apostles.
Let us pray for those who will be ordained this month and begin new ministries in the Christian Church.
All good wishes,
Rector of Lewes