The Transfiguration

On 7th August (transferred this year from August 6th which falls on a Sunday) we will be remembering an event that lived in the memory of the closest friends of Jesus. Peter, James and John were taken up a high mountain and Jesus was transfigured before them. His clothes shone as shining white and Moses and Elijah appeared. This was a sign from God. White represented purity and in Jewish tradition the two great servants of God were Moses, who gave the law, and Elijah who was regarded as the greatest prophet.

The Transfiguration shows that Jesus was the fulfilment of the Jewish expectations and, by God speaking, the one who was given authority by God. Many think that the Transfiguration was an event to support the disciples when life was hard. Reminding them that Jesus is the fulfilment of all that was promised. We meet 2,000 years later to be reminded, just like the disciples, that Jesus is the fulfilment of all God’s promises.

All Good Wishes,

Canon Richard