Canon Richard Moatt, Rector Of Lewes

Rector’s monthly message – September

Canon Richard Moatt, Rector of Lewes writes for September 2019:

On 21st September the church celebrates the feast day of St. Matthew who was one of the early followers and apostles of Jesus.

Matthew is mentioned in Matthew 9 and Matthew 10 as a publican or tax collector who, while sitting at the ‘receipt of custom’ in Capernaum was called to follow Jesus. He is also listed among the twelve but without identification of his background.

In passages parallel to Matthew 9:9, both Mark and Luke describe Jesus calling the tax collector Levi, the son of Alphaeus, but Mark and Luke never explicitly equate this Levi with the Matthew named as one of the twelve.

Matthew became one of the leading apostles and the Gospel of Matthew is dedicated to his name.