Resources During Covid-19 Pandemic

Resources during Covid-19 Pandemic

The internet and social media provides a wealth of resources to use at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are grateful to the Prayer Book Society for regularly updating their website page with details of streamed services to watch.

The Society also has downloadable resources and printed BCP-sourced services suitable for home use during this crisis – HERE.

At St Thomas’ we have put together a small booklet of Morning and Evening Prayers, downloadable  HERE.

Many may find the Form of Spiritual Communion Following the Book of Common Prayer most useful.

Prayer Walking

When you take your daily exercise walk – still an option for many – you may like to pick a section of your street and pray for each house briefly. Use your natural observation skills as well as asking God for spiritual insight. Does it seem like children live there – pray for the whole family. Is it a little neglected? That may be because of infirmity or depression or poverty. Bless them for the coming of the peace of God to their situation.