Palm Sunday

Thoughts on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday – 5.4.20


That it is Palm Sunday is probably sufficient for us. Most of us have many memories.

The way of the Cross – as Michael Quoist suggests winds the way through our towns and cities, and hospitals and factories and through our battlefields. It takes the road of poverty and suffering in every form.

It is in front of these new stations of the Cross that we must stop and meditate and pray to the suffering Christ for strength to love him enough to act.

There is a positive facet to this present virus – we sense a new unity in the world – a concern for the other person.

We know (NHS) the Cross is “I” crossed out, and the dawning realisation, “No Cross, No Crown”

We hear with sadness (and gratitude) for a couple of nurses who have died in the line of duty – and of others with an unconcern for self – that brings us to our humility of heart and mind.

We live and act positively through obedience to the instructions of our government – a small part, individually but vital to our defeating the virus.

Whether in a church building or not – we know our prayers are heard.


Br George